Because Our Neighborhoods Need a Champion


Join Us

Join Us

Every neighborhood in San José deserves to be safe and clean — and we need to make sure we have a champion fighting for us at City Hall. That’s why we need a proven neighborhood leader like Michael Mulcahy working for all of our District 6 neighborhoods on the City Council.

City Hall needs to get it.

The heart of San José is our family-friendly neighborhoods — and we need to protect what makes San José so special. That means:

Fully Staffing Our Police Department

— and making sure our new officers are patrolling in our neighborhoods and putting an end to the retail thefts and quality-of-life crimes that are becoming all too common. And we need to change the laws that decriminalized shoplifting — so people are held accountable and offered a choice of going into treatment or job training — or going to jail.

Turning the Corner on Homelessness Now and Forever

— starting by quickly and affordably building safe and decent shelter and then requiring everyone to come indoors. That’s just the start. It is much less expensive to prevent homelessness than to help someone once they are on the streets — so we need to invest smartly in prevention. And San José should lead the way on making sure those who suffer from mental health challenges are in treatment — NOT on our streets.

Creating High-Wage Jobs and Vibrant Business Districts

— Michael Mulcahy has launched many successful small businesses that have helped to revitalize neighborhoods like Willow Glen. He knows that small businesses also create high-wage jobs and economic opportunity — the foundation of building a city where families can find economic security.

Creating New Housing Without Devastating Our Neighborhoods

As a neighborhood leader and advocate Michael knows that our beautiful neighborhoods are the heart and soul of our city. We don’t need to bulldoze them to create new housing options. What we do need to do is put thousands of new homes and apartments downtown, near jobs and transit.

Read Michael's Plan for Our Neighborhoods: